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From left to right:  Bauer; Blaschek; Schweim; Shikov; Makarov; Ulrich-Merzenich; Verpoorte; Dou; Eller; Knöss

 Information about the PHYTOPHARM 2015 in BONN:

The "19th Phytopharm 2015 "took place from 21th to 24th of July 2015 in Bonn. It is an international conference on all aspects of modern phytotherapy. It is organized in principle by the St. Petersburg Institute of Pharmacy (Prof. V. Makarov and Prof. A. Shikov), and every 2nd year at an university in a Western European partner country. This year - for the second time after 2009 - in collaboration with the University of Bonn, with Mrs. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich, Department of Internal Medicine III, UKB, and the Pharmaceutical Institute, Prof. Dr. Harald G. Schweim, Drug Regulatory Affairs. The meeting was held in the premises of the Pharmaceutical Institute and under the support of the Society for Phytotherapy, Mrs. Cornelia Schwöppe.

It was a remarkable event. In times like these, it's a rare success participating in a conference with "Russian roots", not only a high official of the FDA CDER, Dr. Jinhui Dou, Office of Drug Evaluation, United States, and at the same time the HCMP- Chairman Prof. Dr. Werner Knöss, BfArM, Germany, but both with the program so as to "tie up", that they were present from the first to the last minute. It was probably also the fact that it has succeeded in the conference to add a “regulatory focus”. So were - in addition to the many technical lectures - also held further regulatory or regulatory-close plenary lectures, so Prof. J. Novak, Vienna, on "Good Agricultural and Collection Practice of wild Medicinal Plants", or Prof. H. Schweim, Bonn, on "Status quo and Future Developments in Combination of Medicinal Products".


Even in the - first time performed - "Regulatory Session" were, provided by Dr. E. Dauncey, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK, "Kew's Medicinal Plant Names Services ... Their role in the safety and efficacy of plant-based medicines," Dr. K . Kuchta, National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan, "How to receive regulatory approval in Japan for Western Herbal Medicinal Products (WHMP)" and by A. Maur, Cologne, "Demarcation between phytopharmaceutics and Neighboring product categories in the EU" and lawyer J. Schweim, M.Sc., "Comparison and differentiation between Clinical Trials with Medicinal Products and scientific studies with nutritional products", Bonn, highly topical lectures held. Unfortunately - a "drop of bitterness" is always there - the representatives of the Russian authorities had to cancel at short notice.
Nearly all lectures (apart from a few, not shared by the authors) will be offered in a timely manner to free download (email to, the link will be sent).
A total of 107 presentations, of which 12 invited lectures, held and so many scientific posters were presented, that the abstract book (Obzory po klinicheskoj farmakologii i lekarstvennoj terapii (Reviews of Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy), Tom13 / 2015 / Suppl. ISSN 1683 - 4100) of the conference has 175 entries.

The number of participants was encouragingly high. In the certificated “pre-symposium” ( 21th and 22th of July "GxP in Biomedical Research"), designed jointly by Dir. u. Prof (retired) Dr. U. Muazzam, ex-BfArM, Bonn, for GMP, Prof. Dr. J. Pomp, University of applied Science, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, for GLP and Univ.-Prof. Dr. H. G. Schweim, RFW-University of Bonn, for GRP, were 54 participants, of which - as planned - most of them from Russia, but also from other BRICS countries and the Arab world as well as 12 PhD-students from Bonn. The fee for participants from BRICS countries was fixed to 100 € per person, therefore held under the "normal fee" of approx. 1500 € for such a combined courses.
For the actual conference participants came from 30 countries: Algeria, Austria, Brazil, Congo, Egypt, Germany, lndia, Iran, lraq, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Our Russian colleagues expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Priv.-Doz. Dr. G. Ulrich-Merzenich as heading local event organiser 

The overall satisfaction with the scientific content of the meeting up to the organization, was very high related to the feedback.
Also the social part was not too short. In addition to the "Come Together" were a group dinner ("banquet") and a visit to the botanical garden with the "Bonner Highlights" on the program. Even the weather “cooperated” and was constantly sunny and warm.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary Phytopharm and is in St. Petersburg around the time of the famous "White Nights" (around the 21/22 of June) take place. The Russian colleagues will certainly on this occasion put together a very attractive program.

...... here you can find the program of presymposium GXP-Course of  the PHYTOPHARM 

The organizers are not responsible for the scientific and legal content of the presentations !

 ......... and our pictures from the Phytopharm 2015 in Bonn are available here !! from the Excursion to Botanic Garden

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Auszugsweise Übersetzung (Dank an P. Schafranek): „Einzigartiger und ausgezeichneter Gewinn der Konferenz waren der erstmals eingeführte GXP-Kurs in „Biomedical Research“ am 21-22.Juli 2015, einschliesslich der Fragen der Regulierung (DRA) von Biosimilars (Vortrag Prof. H.Schweim) und aktuelle Aspekte deren guter Herstellungspraxis (GMP) durch Dr. U. Muazzam und guten Laborpraxis durch Prof. J. Pomp.“ „Die Konferenz 2015 hat wiedermal gezeigt, dass sie eine traditionelle und professionelle Plattform für Treffen und fruchtbare Diskussionen von Wissenschaftlern aller Kontinente darstellt. Es gab eine Vielzahl von Lob und Anerkennung zur Organisation,  dem wissenschaftlichen Programm und zum kulturellen Beiprogramm seitens der Teilnehmer und der Gäste an die lokalen Veranstalter.“ „Die nächste Konferenz findet vom 11. bis 14. Juli 2016 in St. Peterburg statt. Wir warten mit Ungeduld auf das nächste Treffen mit unseren Freunden und Kollegen aus der ganzen Welt in der wunderschönen Stadt an der Newa!“  

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